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Now you can learn Urdu language online from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere using your computer / PC, smartphone / mobile phone or tablet PC with the help of these Learn Urdu video tutorials. These Learn Urdu videos/tutorial are very clear, precise and easy to comprehend. Fufil your dream of learning Urdu language with these Learn Urdu videos based online Urdu Class

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Videos Courtesy: Youtube EDUCATION PYRAMID UAE

:Here is a list of  Lessons for reference

Lesson-1 – Urdu Alphabet

Lesson-2 – Urdu Alphabet with zer-zaber-pesh

Lesson-3 – Urdu alphabets and their positions-1

Lesson-6 – Some basic sounds with words

Lesson-4 – Urdu alphabets and their positions-2

Lesson-5 – From Letters To Words

Lesson-7 – Urdu Alphabets And Vocabulary Part-1

Lesson-8 – Urdu Alphabets And Vocabulary Part-2

Lesson-9 – Some Important Words To Make Sentences

Lesson-10 – Urdu Words Used To Ask Questions

Lesson-11 – Basic Urdu Sentences

Lesson-12 – Urdu Pronouns

Lesson-13 – Pronouns in sentences

Lesson-14 – words explaining position with reference to object

Lesson-15 – Urdu nouns in further detail

Lesson-16 – Eraabs in Urdu script

Lesson-17 – Urdu Vowels in further detail

Lesson-18 – Dialogue-1 -Part1

Lesson-19 – Dialogue-1-part-2

Lesson-20 – Verbs in Urdu Language

Lesson-21 – Imperative Sentences in Urdu

Lesson-22 – Urdu sentences with Present Indefinite Tense

Lesson-23 – Urdu sentences with Present Continuous Tense

Lesson-24 – Urdu sentences with Present Perfect Tense

Lesson-25 – Urdu sentences with Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Lesson-26 – Urdu Language-Past Indefinite Tense Part-1 of 2

Lesson-27 – Urdu Language- Regular and Irregular verbs

Lesson-28 – Urdu Language- Past Indefinite Tense Part-2 of 2

Lesson-29 – Urdu Language – Past Continuous Tense

Lesson-30 – Urdu Language – Past Perfect Tense

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